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Instant real house brochure software for virtual tours on CD or DVD

The latest way to sell any house or real estate.

Requested by 60% of people in trials

Specifically designed for Estate Agents and Photographers.

go to top arrow Win new clients

It's a fact that offering our new high definition property tour can be the one unique feature that will convince extra clients to sell their property through you

go to top arrow Save money

It's a fact that a CD can be cheaper and quicker to produce than web tours or paper brochures and the quality and number of photographs or videos it displays is far greater.

go to top arrow Better quality information to more people

Sample screen

It's a fact that in the last few years almost every house has attached a DVD player to their TV and HD DVD quality, already available on PCs, will be standard on most TVs soon. TV picture quality is already much better than web images and available to far more people.

go to top arrow Sell more houses

Presenting a house well with lots of high quality information is the best way to promote a property. The web cannot give the image size, resolution and penetration required

go to top arrow How it compares

Include lots of different property details along with their descriptions, web links and HIPs reports then post it with a second class stamp.



Lead generation

Paper printouts




Full brochure

Good, few picts



Web information


Very low

Very good

Web tours




CD Brochure




go to top arrow The benefits are significant:-

  • Powerful incentive to attract new clients to sign up with you.
  • Better HD DVD quality tours on TVs, PCs or large office screens.
  • Much quicker and cheaper to produce than paper or web details.
  • Include all properties on one disc and send by second class post.
  • Lots of high quality information on the local area.
  • Direct links to the latest properties on your website
  • Integral RSS/PodCast player.
  • Include extra information on the discs to help promote and market your business.
  • PDF versions of the HIPs report and house details
  • Far more high quality photos, videos or 360 degree tours for each property.
  • Files simply copied into a CD or DVD directory. Absolutely no programming required.
  • Interior design tips and helpful calculators with links to mortgage sales etc.
  • Discs produced by you, when required; or by us, each week against your property list.
  • No wastage and low cost, re-usable discs will reduce cost and environmental damage.

go to top arrow How to add properties

The only thing to do is copy a directory containing the photos and PDFs etc onto the CD.

To add extra houses simply add extra house directories.

Nothing could be easier except leaving it to us. We can add all your properties on for you and just supply you the appropriate number of CDs each week.

go to top arrow Ask about our introductory offers

sample disc

We are currently offering exclusive rights to use this software within each area. This will give your agency the chance to win new business and extra sales and us the ability to demonstrate it's potential.

For a limited time we will also absorb the re-design costs and make you 100 off fully re-branded discs for only £300 ($600). Being the first agent to offer this in your area will win you extra business and result in more property sales. So please call us today to learn about the early adopter benefits, volume discounts or exclusive usage deals.

go to top arrow Environmental savings and benefits

Each CDR is reusable. Simply remove or add houses as required. Encourage each client to return old CDs for re-use rather than throwing them away.

Only make CDs as they are required. You should never need to throw unwanted brochures away again.

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