Adding a Spoken Soundtrack

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How to improve usability by adding a narrated sound track

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Spoken sound is easy to add and will dramatically improve the effectiveness. Each menu item or sequence can have its own narrated soundtrack adding talkN.wav, .mp3 or .wma in the appropriate directory.

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To add a sound track you simply need to add a file named talk1.wav etc where the 1 indicates the step, or menu item at which you wish it to be played.


You do not need to tell the program when you would like to play the sound file. If a sound file is present it will be played, if not then nothing will be heard.


Never use a program directory name with gaps in it. The .wav sound will not play if there is a gap in the file name such as c:/Program Files/elibrary/elibrary.exe.


Sounds can be very easily recorded using a low price microphone and the standard, windows sound recording utility. Simply run your Sound Recorder utility from the PROGRAM FILES\ACCESSORIES\MULTIMEDIA\ directory. This will allow you to record and save your voice as a *.wav sound file.

CD audio quality is not normally required because this needs large file sizes that take up valuable disk space and can slow the program down.

Radio quality is normally good enough for spoken soundtracks (min. 11 kHz, 8 bit) although you should always experiment to find the best compromise between quality and file size.

A professional speaking voice is often more important that studio quality sound. With a reasonable microphone, sound recording quality is normally very good with most modern sound cards.

A useful control while recording sound is the record level volume controls. This can be found within VOLUME CONTROL\OPTIONS\PROPERTIES\RECORDER\. Select the line in or microphone controls depending on where your sound is entering the computer and adjust the record volume level to give the best result.

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