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The most effective way to create a company CD or CD Business card

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Program Version


CD Editor


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FREE Version (contains our logo and links)


30 day trial


Standard Download

CD Editor Only (update the free version)

£37.5 (66USD, 54EU)



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Re-Brandable Program

£197 £99 (196USD, 125EU)



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We Re-Brand for You

From £347 (685USD, 466EU)



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We Build Custom CD with Your Content

From £499 (880USD, 720EU)



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Full Re-Brandable Version

Add your own logo and feedback links.

Free Version

The free version carries our logo and sales links and has a limited number of layout options. It includes a 30 day CD Editor trial.

We Re-Brand for you

Let us re-brand the software for you to match your Company image. Comes with the CD editor structured to suit your content. You will add the content in the same way you can with the free version or CD editor trial.

Full Custom CD with your Content

We can produce a custom version with your content to meet you exact requirements. Letting us produce your Company CD will provide a reliable, professional product at a cost effective price that you can update later with assistance from our training and support.

Typically £450 to £1500 but please ask for a quote

Please don't be put off by how cheap this is. Our powerful software will give a much better result than company CDs designed by any other solution.

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Download an auto extracting .exe file of the eLibrary software

For restrictive firewalls you may need to download a .zip version

Or Download the CD editor trial

Or try SmartDraw if you want to create content for inside a brochure

If you want to view Adobe Reader or PowerPoint files via the eLibrary you will need to download the viewers and install them in the correct location relative to the eLibrary program. You can do this automatically via the links below.

Click here to download the Adobe Reader .pdf viewer

Click here to download the PowerPoint viewer

Learn how to download and install a program file here

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You can choose from the following options if you require help to produce your own skill training package.

One day training

We do not believe that anyone will require more than one day of training. However, a general introduction to the eLibrary builder and multimedia communication is worthwhile because it should result in you producing a more reliable program in less time. This is particularly important if you intend to distribute training CDs to large numbers of people because we will advise you on the best file formats (e.g. videos, sound etc.) to use if you want your programs to run smoothly on every computer specification.

Depending on your existing competency this training could include:-

a) Building a sample program with explanations/demonstrations of how the different media formats can be produced and included.


b) If you already have the program virtually complete we can help build the first release version suitable for distribution to your customers. This will provide the confidence that your efforts will not damage your image or result in lots of support questions.

Support prices options:-

Option 1

An annual email support is available to help users create their own company CD using this software.

Cost = £49.00 +VAT

Option 2

One day of training at our offices in Devon. Plus £100 per additional person. Includes lunch.

Cost = £450.00+VAT

Option 3

One day of on site training at your offices. Travelling time will be charged extra.

Cost = £450+VAT + expenses

Option 4

We also provide a service whereby we will build the programs for you or assist you in this process when you are busy. We are happy to provide a quote for any projects.

Ask for a quote

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