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How to customise the look of the program and hotlink buttons

go to top arrow Customise your own CD

Pictures logo.jpg or gif and logo2.jpg or gif provide a custom background in the menu and step presentation screens respectively.

From version 3.60 the style.txt file controls the background and text colours for all areas although the logo image will show over theses.

See our sample free templates for examples or contact us about a fully customised version.

go to top arrow Customise the menu text and icon format

From version 3.60 you can change the menu text fonts and turn the icons on or off. This does not apply to all menus but is possible with all.

The fonts and icon switch (0 or 1) are contained in the style.txt file or can be changed using the CD Editor.

go to top arrow How to change the look of the program background

On the full custom versions we can build in any corporate graphics and contact details so that no one can change them.

On the free and standard versions the background can be changed to anything you desire.

How to change the background picture and title:-

The default title on every screen of the free version is a picture called logo.gif or .jpg and this can be changed to any picture you wish, therefore allowing you to add you own company name etc..

logo2.gif is used for the image in the presentation screen.

The navigation text and menu bar colours can be changed by simply editing the 'style.txt' file in Notepad or the CD Editor software.

The colours are defined by the RGB standard (red, green, blue) with each colour defined by a number from 0 to 255. The code is calculated by b*65536+g*256+r.

The eLibrary editor provides a faster and simple more way to change all of these setting

go to top arrow Customising the Website and Email Hotlink Buttons

The www and @ buttons within the program provide direct access to your website or will send an email.

How to change the hot links:-

The email and website addresses can be changed by simply editing the menubar.txt file in any word-processing package. In the [condata] section just change the information shown in red below, to you own details. catalogue hot link enquiry

The menubar.txt file must be resaved as a basic text file with the *.txt extension.

go to top arrow Other Options

The eLibrary software controls have been designed in a way that most people understand. It is of course very simple to modify the basic program to include any features you require. The full version contains more options but please just ask for a quote to include the functionality you need.

Long term we intend to continuously modify and improve this software to include the latest drivers and techniques. We will try to ensure that all later versions will allow you to simply import the programs you have already produced.

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