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Create updateable Brochures, CD Catalogs or CD manuals

go to top arrow Good content management saves time and increases distribution paths

Our award winning content management solution allows you to use the same content for your website, CD and PDFs.

Unfortunately it will probably never be possible to produce information purely in website, CD or paper format and then make sure everyone can see it, all of the time. The answer is to write your information only once and then export it into all of these formats, whenever they are required. That way your customers can have the information in the form they prefer and your company stands less chance of loosing the sale because people cant use your documentation.

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go to top arrow New ways to increase your profits

Communicating positive information about products or services is probably the most important process in every business. Just look at the number of staff or amount of money that is spent in your organisation on communicating with others; either to attract new customers, selling, training or support etc.

Even small improvements in your company's ability to communicate more effectively or for less cost, will have a significant effect on your bottom line. The eLibrary software has the potential to make serious gains in all of the following areas.

go to top arrow Electronic company catalogues and brochures

custom CD brochure

Most companies already have a wide range of information available. This is normally quite easy to convert into standard electronic formats such as video, picture, .rtf text, sound, Power Point, Adobe or database.

CD-ROMs or eBusiness Cards can deliver vast amounts of information for very little cost therefore making significant savings over traditional paper catalogs.

Supplying additional features such as powerful interactivity and search facilities will provide your customers with a better product while you benefit from much lower distribution cost.

go to top arrow Electronic company brochures or presentations

custom CD

Paper brochures and websites simply deliver information. Multimedia software can ask questions, make informed decisions and actually talk to your customer on a one to one basis. This is close to having your top salesperson and engineer living at every customer for 24 Hours a day.

And all for less than the average expense account.

go to top arrow Skill training or advanced O&M Manuals

Originally developed by Boeing in the mid 1990s this approach provides companies with a powerful method for recording complex manufacturing procedures and producing low cost and effective O&M manuals.

Complicated machines require special assembly and maintenance procedures that are very difficult to describe in words. The cost of writing a manual can be many thousands of pounds and will often fill several large folders. Unfortunately the person who best understands this procedure often works in a different department to the people who write the manuals.

A simple solution is to use a camcorder to video the assembly process while a clear, spoken description is given by the engineer. These video clips can be stored in our CD-ROM based electronic library and will provide a comprehensive, easy to use manual. A standard text manual for the complete range of machines could be included in Adobe Reader format with a simple search facility to find the information required.

This new CD-ROM manual can hold much more information and therefore cover a wider range of machines. It will be easier to use, easier to transport, more effective and cost less to produce than traditional paper manual designs.

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