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We've been developing high quality multimedia programs since 1997 including retail games , business training, product training and company brochures. Our clients include British Fluid Power Association, British Valve and Actuator Association, Sun Hydraulics, Motorola, New Holland, Goodfellow, Kalamazoo and many more.

We are experts at getting your message across and impressing your clients. Sometimes with advanced multimedia but always with good usability and simple content management.

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go to top arrow Adding Adobe Reader and Power Point Viewers

The free version does not include the .PDF or .PPT viewers although Adobe Reader and PowerPoint documents should still open automatically if they are already installed on the users computer. If they still do not open automatically then you can select which program to use to open them via the top File menu button.

The following files should be included on your CD to ensure the correct viewer always opens Adobe .pdf drivers and PowerPoint viewer

If you include these on your CD the user will not need to have them installed on their computer so you will remove any version incompatibility problems.

To add a later version simply ensure that the Adobe Reader program and all its related files are placed in a subdirectory /adobread/Reader/AcroRd32.exe.

The Power Point viewer and all its related files need to be placed in a subdirectory /PPTVIEW/PPVIEW32.exe.

Purchasing the full copy of the elibrary will provide you with a CD packed with all the drivers and program examples. However, adding the drivers for the PDF or PPT version you are using is the best way to be sure you don't have compatibility problems.

go to top arrow Version update summary

First released in Feb 99 it was a development of the standard codes we created when producing custom CD catalogues for our customers and it formed the basis for our own, every changing demonstration disc.

Version 2.00 a major 800x600 upgrade with additional menu capability

Version 2.02 allowed full screen backdrops.

Version 2.05 Some mods to improve performance with Windows XP

Version 2.06 (Jan03) allows better full screen background pictures by using style sheets to change the menu button and navigation text colours.

Version 2.07 (Feb03) Multiple choice question facility added.

Version 2.08 (Mar03) .mpg, .mp3, .wma file formats, more question and CD Editor 1.00

Version 2.9 (Jan 04) CD editor upgrade 2.00. Improved menu scroll + full screen movies.

Version 3.00 eLibrary (June05) All new modular design.

Version 2.02 major upgrade CD Editor for version 3 of eLibrary.

Version 3.60 + Editor 2.60 Vista compatible and external templates using style.txt file.

Version 3.61 (Jan 08) Data exchange and storage system changed.

Version 3.61a (April 08) Search and sitemap window added.

To update your program to the latest standard you simply need to download and install the new version from this site. Place your content in the new version but make sure that you do not overwrite your existing data file by making a backup first.

Some planned developments include:-

We can now add any function as a window and intend to keep improving the range of standard window layouts available.

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