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How to create a multimedia brochure on CD or DVD etc

Download a free version here
Watch a live demo link

go to top arrow Step 1 - Install the free trial

Run the elibrary.exe file you've downloaded and remember where you install the program.

go to top arrow Step 2 - A text list controls the navigation menu

contents list

Look in the installed 'project' directory and open the file called contents.rtf

The list provides the navigation menu. Clicking line one takes the user to directory module1, line 2 to module2 etc. etc.

Change the text to your words and re-save the file.

Add a contents.rtf file in the directories you want a menu.


Use WordPad in preference to MS Word.

Beware files may copy as write protected, highlight file then right click, open properties to deselect the read only attributes box.

go to top arrow Step 3 - Information text files

text file

Open intro2.rtf , change the text and resave.

This text will appear in the right hand window when the mouse is over the second line of the contents list menu.


Don't add special fonts or MS Word features. They may not show properly on other computers.


go to top arrow Step 4 - Pictures or Videos with each menu

example picture screen

A picture called mainpict.jpg or gif saved next to the contents.rtf will show at every menu item.

A picture called menupict3.jpg or gif will show at line three.

A video called video3.mpg, avi or wmv will show at line three.

go to top arrow Step 5 - Adding PDF or PowerPoint files etc

To open a PDF, PowerPoint etc file when menu line 2 is clicked, simply place the PDF file in directory module2.

Many different file types will run automatically.

go to top arrow Step 6 - Adding Sound

Add a sound file called talk2.mp3, wma or wav and it will play when the mouse is over menu line 2.

go to top arrow Step 7 - Test your program

Double click to run the elibrary.exe file (the installed file not the one you downloaded).

You should see the text files and picture you added. Copy the whole directory onto a CD and it will run from there.

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