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How to create your own multimedia business card CD

cd editor

go to top arrow Start New CD Project

Select the 'Project Menu Names' button (1) then 'Edit Project' sub menu (2).

Click the 'Load Project', 'Create New CD Project button' (3) to create a brand new program directory with all the necessary files for your CD.

live demo link

go to top arrow Customising the Menubar Buttons

Move the mouse over each menu bar button (4) then change the text for that button in the edit boxes below. Once the program is complete you can click on each button and select the directory that the button will take you to by simply clicking on that directory when the file explorer window appears.

You can also add some text to appear at the cursor when the mouse is over each button.

live demo link

go to top arrow Adding your Company Website and Email names

Open the 'Edit Links' sub menu (5) then enter your company, website and email address into the edit boxes (6). These will be used for the eLibrary hotlink buttons (not free version).

live demo link

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